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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Micro Cuties

Charlotte - She loves retro fashion. 
   When I was a little girl, grandma used to give me tiny plastic dolls to play with. I loved those itty bitty dolls and for a long while I've been wanting to recreate that feeling, but I wasn't confident on my sewing skills. I imagined that making dolls that small with the level of detail I wanted to include would be too difficult. It wasn't until a couple of days ago that I found the motivation to actually try.

Phoebe - She's a glam rocker with a heart of gold.

   My sudden burst of motivation came from an instagram post by fellow artist Kelly White. A couple of weeks ago she started making miniature fabric bunnies dressed in felt clothes. I found the little critters extremely adorable and decided to try making my own miniature dolls. I designed several patterns, before finally making one I love. The finished dolls measure about 3" (7 cm).

Lilly - She loves nature and it shows in her style.
   Making these dollies was super fun and brought back cherished childhood memories. I find them incredibly cute and I hope you do too. I made a total of 8 unique dolls. Each one has a name and a short description that tells you a little bit about her personality. To see the rest of the series visit my Facebook page: Carrousel Dream Dolls.

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