Thursday, April 18, 2013

Teeny Babies

   Don't you just love babies? I definitely do, so a few months ago (during the huge hiatus) I decided that I wanted to make kawaii baby dolls. This is the result.

   I designed a face template that would have big shiny eyes and a drooly grin. Their bodies are very squishy and huggable, they wear colorful onesies adorned with plastic safety snaps. Their colorful curls are made of 100% wool felt.

   I only ever made 3 of them, but I really want to make more. I also have a TON of ideas that I'd like to develop using this pattern. I can't wait to have more cute stuff to show you. :D

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fabric Crush - Kite Ties

   My doll making adventures have made me change the way I look at fabric. I still like bold prints, but now I find myself always searching for the tiniest prints available. Most of my dolls are only 23cm (8") tall, so if I want the print to be visible it has to be tiny.

   The fabric I'm featuring today had been sitting in my stash for quite some time before I used it. It wasn't until a customer requested the second Marie Antoinette that I decided to cut into it. She wanted similar colors, but since I pride myself in making one of a kind dolls, I didn't want to use the same fabric.

   For my first version of Marie, I used a pale blue vintage floral fabric. So, I searched through my stack and found a half-forgotten fat quarter of Kite Ties by Sweetheart. This lovely print is part of Lucy's Crab Shack Collection for Moda.

Kite Ties in Ocean. Available here.

   I think this fabric worked wonderfully as an alternative to the one I used first. Both dolls share a very similar color palette, but each turned out unique. What do you think?

Marie Antoinette by Carrousel Dream Dolls

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

French Royalty 2

   Hi everybody!

    I made this Marie Antoinette short after I released the first one in September. It was for a collector; she wanted the same color scheme of the first, but with a unique flair. I tried my best and this is the result. :)

Her Majesty The Queen of France and Navarre, Marie Antoinette. #2
   All in all, the color scheme in this dolly is warmer than the first one.

I really like this picture. >.<

   I LOVE how the shoes turned out; I think they look pretty dainty and chic. I adorned her main skirt with a very cute ivory eyelet lace that I think match the shoes beautifully.

   Her hair was accessorized with tiny artificial flowers and leaves, a cute little bird and an ostrich feather. After they were secured to her hair, I enhanced the look by adding some details in gold paint and gold glitter.

What do you think?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Almost 6 Months Later... The Pirate!

   Hi everybody! I'm trying to follow my friend Diane's advice to come back to blogging by explaining why the hiatus. The truth is, I've been trying to deal with the worst case of writer's/crafter's block. It has been hard to visit the blog. It feels like by not writing, I'm throwing away all the love and time I put into it in the past and that makes it much harder to write.

   When I scrolled down the blog to see what were the last few posts about, I noticed that 6 months ago I wrote a post telling you all about a pirate doll I was making, except, I didn't show you the finished doll. Here she is, her name is Peggy; in honor of her peg-leg. ;)

   I really like how she turned out, she took more time to make than usual and she has a lot of details. Her hair is mohair and merino and I loved the combination of these yarns, they gave a lot of character to her wild mane. The beads in her hair were a lot of fun to choose and stitch on.

   But my favorite part by far was her peg-leg; I never thought I could pull it off. I wanted it to be realistic, but kind of cute and I think I did it. What do you think?

   As a finishing touch I thought that a real pirate should have a bird on her shoulder and I gave her one. I hope she's taking good care of it. :)
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