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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

French Royalty 2

   Hi everybody!

    I made this Marie Antoinette short after I released the first one in September. It was for a collector; she wanted the same color scheme of the first, but with a unique flair. I tried my best and this is the result. :)

Her Majesty The Queen of France and Navarre, Marie Antoinette. #2
   All in all, the color scheme in this dolly is warmer than the first one.

I really like this picture. >.<

   I LOVE how the shoes turned out; I think they look pretty dainty and chic. I adorned her main skirt with a very cute ivory eyelet lace that I think match the shoes beautifully.

   Her hair was accessorized with tiny artificial flowers and leaves, a cute little bird and an ostrich feather. After they were secured to her hair, I enhanced the look by adding some details in gold paint and gold glitter.

What do you think?


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