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Monday, April 8, 2013

Almost 6 Months Later... The Pirate!

   Hi everybody! I'm trying to follow my friend Diane's advice to come back to blogging by explaining why the hiatus. The truth is, I've been trying to deal with the worst case of writer's/crafter's block. It has been hard to visit the blog. It feels like by not writing, I'm throwing away all the love and time I put into it in the past and that makes it much harder to write.

   When I scrolled down the blog to see what were the last few posts about, I noticed that 6 months ago I wrote a post telling you all about a pirate doll I was making, except, I didn't show you the finished doll. Here she is, her name is Peggy; in honor of her peg-leg. ;)

   I really like how she turned out, she took more time to make than usual and she has a lot of details. Her hair is mohair and merino and I loved the combination of these yarns, they gave a lot of character to her wild mane. The beads in her hair were a lot of fun to choose and stitch on.

   But my favorite part by far was her peg-leg; I never thought I could pull it off. I wanted it to be realistic, but kind of cute and I think I did it. What do you think?

   As a finishing touch I thought that a real pirate should have a bird on her shoulder and I gave her one. I hope she's taking good care of it. :)


  1. Hi Yadira! Welcome back to the blogosphere!!!! I love this post and I appreciate that I was instrumental in making this post. I'm happy too.

    Hello Peggy! I'm happy to meet you :) I love her dress and the corresponding accessories. So lovely! If I would join a theme inspired party, I'd like to consider "Peggy" as my "peg."

    Welcome back Yadira!

    1. Aaaw! Thanks for the warm welcome, Diane. I hope I can keep on blogging for many years to come.


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