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Monday, May 14, 2012

Musings of an Amateur Doll Maker

   You already know that I normally design and make bags, purses, clutches and all kinds of fabric receptacles, but I want you to know that I'm also an adventurous crafter who likes to try everything at least once. Over a year ago I went through a doll making phase; I even have evidence to prove it. I made 2 dolls of which I am SUPER proud, even if they were just for fun. Making dollies is so rewarding that I'm ready for another try! ;-)

   I'll write about my first doll making experience in a very tiny font, because I need to take the experience off my system but I don't like talking about bad things here.
I purchased a pattern from a doll designer and I changed some details . These were very simple, I added a collar as embellishment and at that time I didn't have the skills to transfer the face template so I made my own. I can't publish a picture of my doll in my own personal blog because since she is slightly different from the pattern I'd be going against the designer's policies.  Not to mention I still am disappointed with this designer's service. When I asked her how I should act about my doll, she never even answered my message. So you'll have to take my word that my dolly is really cute. :-D
   I was so much into dollies at the time that I even designed my own, I went through a trial and error process until I ended up with Lola, and it was love at first sight. My doll making heart was pleased, so I went back to my purses. <3

   I always wanted to tweak the pattern but I think she is pretty cute as is, so I'll just design another that has been in my sketches for several months. Would you like to see that?

   In the meantime my doll making heart keeps beating so I bought this gorgeous pattern by the awesome Sarah Hanson from Dolls and Daydreams and I'll be working on it in the upcoming days. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Via Dolls and Daydreams


  1. super cute dollies! I don't really understand what happened with the other one but it sounds really frustrating and unfair!

    I don't know if you've heard of Mollie Makes magazine but they shared a Molly dolly pattern this month that I am itching to try out! I will let you know if I get into dolly making too :)

    1. Thanks Suki! I just read my tiny paragraph and it made total sense that you didn't understand, I'm SUPER sleepy (supposed to be sleeping since last night)and what I wrote had no sense at all. I just edited and I think I made it clearer. Let me know!

      Oh and as soon as I get me some decent rest I'll be checking out that Mollie Dolly! AND I'd really love to see you make cute dollies. Keep me updated!

    2. Oh it is much clearer now, thank you! In fact it's pretty much what I had gathered from how you wrote it before, but I just couldn't believe that could be the case! Surely as long as you don't sell the product you can do what you like with a pattern you've bought? And if you creatively re-style it, it's even more your own! It just sounds crazy to me, but I guess sometimes people have some funny ideas! Anyway, going on what your other cutie (love her green dress), I'll bet your version really IS super cute!! :)

      Oh and I just thought of another added motivation to make a doll: my son's really into this nursery rhyme at the moment, "miss Polly had a dolly...."!

    3. Oh awesome! I seriously had issues even trying to find the keys this morning to write my previous comment. LOL So it's a miracle that I was able to fix my post. :D

      Ok, what I understand from the terms of use policies of said designer making ANY changes to the original pattern was strictly prohibited. I obviously can make whatever I want (obviously excluding any kind of distribution of the original pattern) with the pattern I bought, but the thing is the pictures. I'm supposed to credit the designer along with any picture that features an item made from a pattern but since my doll is slightly different I guess there would be issues with copyright and stuff. There's no way to know for sure because the designer never answered my questions.

      I can show you a picture of the doll by email if you want, though.

      You should totally take your son's rhyme as a signal and make a cute dolly before he gets into another rhyme. The best part is embellishing it and making the face. It gives such personality and character. :D DOOO EEET! LOL

      Oh and about the Mollie Dolly I can't find it anywhere do you have pics? I don't have the magazine.

  2. I love your doll Yadira. For me it's cute and I know something you made from your heart :)

    1. Aaaw, thanks! She was definitely made with love. I'm working on another doll pattern right now and I hope to be able to show her in the upcoming days. :D Making dolls is awesome!


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