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Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Month Through Instagram

   It's been a while since I showed you my life through Instagram, so I thought, why not?

  1. Breakfast: Oatmeal pancakes!
  2. Scrap basket after it was organized.
  3. Super happy mail day.
  4. Zipper wallet, second attempt.
  5. Coin pouches.
  6. Handmade heart applique.
  7. Homemade pizza.
  8. Curry chicken with white rice.
  9. Shoulder bag, I really love that fabric.
  10. Some of my creations ready to be sold.
  11. Finished custom clutch.
  12. With the family eating pizza.
  13. The pizza I ate with my family.
  14. One of my dream cars.
  15. Fabric shopping.
  16. A Singer Featherweight someone left at the repair store where I got my precious machine. :D
  17. Rice flour pancakes with bananas and strawberry jam.
  18. First thing sewn entirely using my precious vintage sewing machine.
  19. Dinner: Steak with loaded mashed yam.
  20. Another shoulder bag made from lovely fabrics.
  21. Shrimp in a coconut-curry sauce with fried plantain.
  22. Chocolate cupcake with meringue topping.
  23. My retouched blue streaks.
  24. Tacos!
  25. Getting ready to list some items on Etsy.
  26. I listed many items on my Etsy shop: 18.0.7
  27. Baked potato with shrimp.
  28. This one is unbelievable, someone left that cute ginger kitten at my window. I woke up to his cry and I obviously brought him into the house. I bathed him, fed him and treated his ear-mites. I'm not sure he will stay (I would find him a loving home in any case) but I'm trying to decide on a name. What do you think, Lucky or Chester?
Would you like to see these (and some others) happen in real time? Then follow me, my username is: yadiras_adventures


    1. Oooh it seems your life is filled with sewing and tasty food! Lovely! :D

      1. Oh, it actually is! I don't really make much else. LOL

    2. Okay, you food pics just made me super hungry, lol. Love the blue streaks in your hair, your dream car is super cute... and did I say that your food pics made me hungry? :)


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