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Monday, October 17, 2011

Fabric Crush Monday #4

MoMo's Wonderland Tweedle Dee in Sugar for Moda | Available here

    Ok, I know this fabric has been around forever, but ever since I started to sew last year I've been in love with it. When I started to buy fabrics online I saw this fabric somewhere in blogland and started to search about it. Information about this fabric is as hard to find as the fabric itself. The only data I found for this post is that this collection was designed by MoMo, a Japan based designer and that it was printed by Moda around March 2009. It sold out so fast that Moda decided to reprint some of the designs around January 2010. When I started to sew in October 2010 it was already gone. The thing is, I fell in love with the Freebird collection by MoMo (I already bought yardage of some of the prints :D) so I remembered my love for Wonderland. I can say now that I made one of my fabric dreams come true since I bough a Yard of Tweedle Dee in Sugar and half a yard of Tweedle Dum in Jam. I love Tweedle Dee in Pistachio but that one is VERY RARE and EXPENSIVE. If you are interested in a fat quarter of the print above, there is a link in the caption of the picture that will take you there. For any of the other prints I suggest you search very intensively and carefully because it was a bit hard to find the ones I got.

Have you made any of your fabric dreams come true?


  1. Hello Yadira, thank you for the comment on my blog post about Kingwood Center. You're right - it does look exactly like something out of a fairy tale! My photos don't do it justice! Am happy to be your newest follower! I don't sew, but I've always loved going in stores and looking at the pretty fabrics! Crazy, huh? I'm always trying to think of other things to do with it besides sewing! lol
    Have a good day,

  2. @ Cindy: You don't have to thank me for the comment, I was being honest. I'm happy to have you as my newest follower. Oh! and let me tell you that there are plenty other things you can do with fabric besides sewing. :D

  3. Such a pretty fabric! I love some of the Japanese print fabrics. Their graphics are so much punchier. Unfortunately, I'm not supposed to be buying any more fabrics until I've made a bigger dent in my fabric stash. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm hosting my monthly Before Blogging Throwback Thursdays party and would love it if you'd come and share something you made/did/bought sometime before blogging. Can't wait to see what you share at the party.

  4. @ laxsupermom: I love this fabric and I can't wait for it to arrive in the mail. You definitely should get some of this fabric before it is completely gone. Just don't tell anyone. ;D


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