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Monday, October 24, 2011

Fabric Crush Monday #5

Hello Kitty and Friends on a Train | Available here

   You will think that I'm a little childish with this week's fabric selection, but I will proudly admit that my 8 y/o self is still alive in my heart. I LOVE everything from Sanrio and Hello Kitty and this week I've been browsing the net to find some of the items I used to have. I was so focused on that, that I almost forgot to write this post, sorry. In part I succeeded, I found a seller that for a reasonable price sells many things from the old characters and the best part is that she ships from Texas :D

   I can't wait for my new toys to get here, so I was thinking about sewing a little pouch for all my new items, what fabric would be better than this?


  1. definitely a fabric crush Yadira!!!! I am a grown up who remains to be kid at heart and I likewise love Hello Kitty and the Sanrio characters. So cuteeee!


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