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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fabric Crush Tuesday... again #24

"The Lorax" collection by Dr. Seuss Enterprises & Robert Kaufman fabrics
Available here

   I know, I know... This feature should be posted on Mondays as its name suggests but my life lately has been a bit weird. Yesterday for example I was sewing a little bit and receiving a new family member, (I'll talk about that later today) but in general it's been weird.

   Ok, let's get to the point, The Lorax. I watched this gorgeous movie last week and I must say that being the tree hugger that I am this movie touched me. I cried through most of it, yes I was a crazy lady crying in a movie for children, but I don't care. Dr. Seuss was a very important part of my childhood and I felt like a kid again. :D

   So I started to research about The Lorax merchandise everywhere because I fell in love with those barbaloots but I decided against it thinking of the message behind The Lorax. So I decided that if I was going to have something Lorax related I was going to make my own, that's when I found this gorgeous fabric collection. I'll get me some of it as soon as I have the budget. What about you? Did you watch the movie? <3


  1. I haven't watch the movie but I love the colors exploding in the fabric. Everything looks so alive and vibrant!

    1. You definitely have to watch it. It's so pretty and with such an important message to share.


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