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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Yummy Post

It all started with the ice cream headbands that I made last week.

Ice Cream Headband

   I've been feeling inspired to make more things and these days I indulged. I made more headbands and started to prepare for a HUGE update I want to make to my shop. I have been saving many cool ideas for quite long and this time I have a good feeling.

VHS Flowers

   These are basically my trademark: Upcycled VHS Tape Flowers. I wanted to share a little bit about this, since yesterday Sara from The Split Stitch wrote a post about Eco-Crafting with which I felt identified. She left an open question on the end of her post: "What about you, what are the ways you try and be an eco-crafter?" Sara, if you read this, this is one of the ways I try to be an eco-crafter.

Sparkling Bracelet

   Then, the other day Mollie from Wild Olive wrote about her new idea of tagging twitter updates with the color you are feeling like in embroidery floss colors! Then she came up with this cool idea about weaving embroidery floss on chain to be able to wear the color she is feeling like. I loved the idea! it inspired me to create this super sparkling bracelet. The picture doesn't make this one justice. Mollie, if you read this, the floss color is DMC E718. I knitted the floss into a cord and then weaved and wrapped chain around it.


In other news...

   Today we had a SUPER CUTE adventure. My inner child had been wanting to visit Sanrio for a while now. Sadly, we had to postpone it for a couple of weeks, but today there was no way to stop me. Erm...wait!, do you know about Sanrio? Let my 8 y/o self refresh your memory.

Sanrio Shopping Spree

   Yes, it is the shop that sells all kind of Hello Kitty items. Yes, I bought all the items in the pictures :D. My closest friends know about how alive my inner child is so they will not be surprised when they come to my house and find a Hello Kitty wall clock on my craft room wall. When I entered in the shop I traveled automatically to 1996 and spent a wonderful time.

Yummy Cupcakes

   Lastly, thanks to my friend Miss Lou from Elousions who posted about a meet-up she had with a fellow blogger. We knew that it was worth to visit Little Cupcake Shop (a few steps away from Sanrio). We bought these 4 little fellas. The flavors clockwise: Nutella, Dulce de Leche, Not So Red Velvet Cake and Tres Leches. They were YUMMY!!!


  1. Yadira, your bracelet is beautiful! Now I want to try knitting up some floss...

  2. Please do! I'd love to see what you make. If you do please share. :D :D Also thanks for visiting.

  3. Yummy cupcakes!!! I didn't know there was a Sanrio ALIVE lol cute stuff

  4. Hi Yadira! Oh I love Sanrio items and cupcakes too. You made me crave for the two. hahaha! I love Hello Kitties and her friends while cupcakes with icing is my current favorite.

  5. HELLO,Yadira!You are so productive and wonderful!All of things you made are amazing!Especially I love your bracelet.:)

  6. @ Miss Lou: There is at least one. :D When you went to Little Cupcake Shop you only had to look to your left, it's literally a few steps away.

  7. @ Diane: You should indulge someday and post pictures in your blog. :D Hello Kitty is SO cute.

  8. @ Kyatarin: Thank you so much! I've been feeling productive this week.


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