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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Waffle-Era Tea Room - Review

Warning: This post is chock full of pictures. ;)

   A few weeks ago I went with my partner and some of her colleagues to this gorgeous tea room located in Old San Juan in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

   In this post I want to walk you through the experience I had from start to end. I hope you enjoy the journey!

   It was around 9:30 am so the illumination was optimal for a gorgeous photo shoot. The decoration is very eclectic and with special attention to detail.

   They are a tea room so their tea selection was huge and as their name suggests so was their waffle topping selection, varying from sweet to savory. As soon as we got there we ordered some drinks to quench the thirst. We ordered a cup of coffee and a lemon juice. The lemon juice was super yummy, it was freshly squeezed from local lemons.

Their weird coffee brewing device.

I love places that serve their food in random utensils instead of a specific set of tableware.

   But I need to say it, after the drinks everything went downhill. We ordered our food then relaxed and had fun... for about an hour... until they started serving our food. We wanted to sample a few toppings so most of us ordered different toppings to share.

Wafflito with pizza-ish topping.

Waffle topped with Manchego cheese and prosciutto.

Waffle topped with wild berries and maple syrup.

Waffle topped with pesto chicken breast, mozarella cheese and cherry tomatoes.

   The food looked gorgeous but it was cold and tasted so-so. So we ordered some sweet waffles for dessert to sweeten our morning.

My partner and me. <3

S'mores wafflito.

Wafflito with Nutella, vanilla ice cream and pecans.

AND the king of the morning! Crème brûlée wafflito.

It was heaven. <3

   I have to admit it, the only one waffle I enjoyed from all the dishes I sampled, sweet and savory was the crème brûlée wafflito. The other toppings were pretty and interesting but not impressive in the flavor and temperature area.We also had to wait over an hour for our food and our orders got mixed up BUT our waitress who happened to be the manager of the place understood our situation and gave us a juicy discount in our bill without telling us, but we noticed ;). They also had some kind of glitch going on with their bathrooms and they were sharing bathrooms with another restaurant.

   In conclusion, I'd only be back if I was dangerously craving a crème brûlée wafflito and had a lot of time to spare.

   After we left from the Waffle-Era we walked back to our cars through the pretty and antique streets of Old San Juan. I really love it there! :D


  1. I haven't been to any country outside Asia and posts like this really make me happy. I would love to taste the waffles too. They are my favorites, especially the edges where you can savor the crunchy parts :)

    In my country, we have a similar ice cream cart that routes around residential villages. Waiting for the ice cream cart everyday form my fondest childhood memories.

    I love the last picture too. Perhaps, a perfect picture of Puerto Rico.

    1. I'm really happy to read that you liked this post. I love it when you write about your country too knowing that both our countries have Hispanic roots and have a similar story. Those carts are the best, ours sell local ice cream and it's heaven.

      The last picture is perhaps a perfect picture of Old San Juan. Puerto Rico is far too mixed and diverse to be able to take a perfect picture that would represent the island as a whole.

  2. It sucks that the waffles weren't that good - they looked so yummy! Old San Juan is so beautiful, isn't it? It's like stepping back in time.

    1. Yeah, I expected them to be SO yummy but they disappointed. OSJ is gorgeous, I love it there, going to El Morro for a family day is among my favorite memories ever.

  3. Mine too! I was 13 years old when I first went to El Morro - I was so fascinated and excited to stand in, walk around, and touch something that was around in the 16th century. :)

    By the way, even though the waffles weren't yummy, you took some awesome pictures!

    1. Aaaw El Morro is awesome, it never gets old. I could go every week and still be fascinated. Thanks for the compliments on my pictures. :D Oh! and I need to comment on your blog, I know... but my life has been going through a storm lately. I've been neglecting all of my awesome bloggy friends. Sorry!


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