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Friday, April 13, 2012

My Week Through Instagram

   I think everyone who follows me on Instagram is already aware of how much I love it. These are most of the pictures I snapped and shared with the mobile application this week.

  1. Fabric ON SALE!
  2. Mia just noticed a bird perched on the window.
  3. One of my favorite TV shows ever: Cuéntame Cómo Pasó.
  4. Colorful thread spools.
  5. One of my grandsons.
  6. Details of my handmade purse. Made by me!
  7. Another grandson.
  8. Hello Kitty! <3
  9. Me, stuck because of a mild flood.
  10. The not so mild flood.
  11. Chicken Avocado Panini. That thing was YUMMY!
  12. My first macarons ever!
  13. Hazelnut macaron.
  14. Strawberry macaron.
  15. My fabric stash in my cute thrifted cupboard.
  16. I stamped a bag with my new logo stamp: 18.0.7. More on this later. ;)


  1. Aw I love the photos! Instagram in so much fun. Btw I just started following -- looking forward to your creative blog posts :)

    1. Thank you very much for following. :D I hope I don't dissappoint you. ;)

  2. Yes, I'm familiar with some of the photos because I follow you in Instagram :D I'm actually loving your fabric and food pics.

    1. I'm so glad, I'll make sure I take many of those for you. :D


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