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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Estate Sale Treasure

   I couldn't wait any longer to tell you about my first ever estate sale experience. The week before this happened I went treasure hunting to an antique store. When I went to ask for some help in the counter I found a flyer with the information of the sale. My expectations were not high, I thought I'd find super expensive stuff that wouldn't be worth the price. I was very surprised to find a house full of very interesting and curious things for a decent price. It was the house of an old lady that was going to be auctioned, so they needed to empty it ASAP. Among a couple glasses and mugs that I purchased for a super low price I found this jewel.

   I thought it needed a little bit of love because the wood looked weathered but I knew that could be done for a very low price with the right wood care products.

   Can you spot the antique portrait behind the cupboard? I loved it so much I even thought of purchasing it too but I quickly realized that it was probably the father of the person running the estate sale and I regretted it very fast. I also purchased this chair, they gave me a really good deal for purchasing it with the cupboard. I think it would look really good after a good revamp.

   Safety first right? As you can see it was a little bit tricky to transport it but I even buckled it up. The story with the cupboard was a little different, I had to pay the move guys to bring it home. But it doesn't matter because I was SO in love I couldn't part with it.

   I really wanted to use the cupboard in my new sewing room and so I did. I'll let you know more about it in another post. Stay tuned!


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