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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Japanese Kawaii Fabric

   When I started to make purses and search for new fabrics on Etsy, I found Japanese kawaii prints to be really awesome. I purchased some and used it to make wallets and pouches.

   When time passed, I felt the need to have my own style. I mean, not only relying on cute prints to make an identity and personality for my sewn items. I'm on that stage now, trying to build a style and identity for my products, being it in a cool shape or a different detail. I don't think there's anything wrong with prints, in fact I LOVE them, but I'm learning to use them as a tool, not let them dictate what I make.


  1. Hello,Yadira!
    it's really cute! "kawaii" means cute.
    and I love these wallets and pouches!

  2. Hello Yadira! Kawaii will always be beautiful and cute in my eyes. :)

  3. @ Kyatarin: Thanks a lot! It makes me happy that you like what I made.

    @ Diane: It really is! Have a nice day!


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