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Saturday, June 18, 2011

I bought the fabric!

   Yay! After spending over a week without internet, I'm finally back. Not that my situation has been solved; I'm still using a neighbor's connection. For about a month my internet provider has been working mysterious magic with my account that seems to be reserved for superior eyes.

   I need to share with you that I'm nearly finished with the manatee task. There's still a few that are not assembled but that's the easy part, I hope I can be done by next Wednesday with all the papers filled and everything clear.

   Ok, now to the fun part. I'm really happy because I already purchased 5 yards of black gauze for my Easy Yoke Blouse. The pattern asked for around 4 but I wanted to make sure I had enough fabric to make up for any inconvenience, this being the first time I make a garment and use a pattern.

   I also wanted to tell everybody about this book, I find it very interesting and informative. It is very helpful for me now that I'm starting to make clothes and I think it would be to any plus sized seamstress. 

Sewing For Plus Sizes by Barbara Deckert

   It is not a new book but it sure has timeless tips and tricks, I think I'm learning a lot from it and I hope I can use all these things in the future.

Do you have a favorite sewing book that you'd like to share?

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