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Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Look for the Blog + Embroidery Inspiration

   I've been wanting to make a change to the blog since day one. I found the previous design to be kind of overwhelming, so I gave it a fresh look with only the right amount of cuteness. What do you think?


   Embroidery is lately catching my attention a lot more than ever. I even bought the basic materials and I've been searching a lot for inspiration. These are some of those things that are currently inspiring me to learn to embroider.

EMILIA embroidery (with Knut)

Embroidery Thread Bobbins

Felt embroidery

crewel embroidery pillow

Aren't they cuper cute?


  1. They are all cute indeed! Have a great day Yadira!

  2. @ Diane: Thank you very much Diane. I hope you have a nice day too. :D

  3. Hi Yadira, Thank for your information about Molly makes. I neves have seen but I'll choose.
    Very beautiful handmake! Congrat and have a nice week!

  4. I've been thinking about trying some embroidery too, I've only ever cross stitched before and embroidery seems like a scary step! Those are all beautiful inspirations.

  5. @ agiraffeinascarf: I've seen your cross-stitches before. I must say they are very clever. I bet you would embroider beautifully. Have a nice day!


  6. Oh, those cushions are beautiful, Very inspirational post, I must say! Your new blog layout is fresh and sweet, good job!

  7. @ Jenny Louise: They truly are. Thanks for visiting and thank you for letting me know how the new layout looks. Have a nice day!


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