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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Am I Crazy?

   When I started sewing I had no idea of what a quality product should look like. Along the way I found a few blogs of sewers that were very picky about their seams, and I started to understand the reasons behind everything. A handmade product doesn't have to look less "perfect" than a mass made one. In fact it should look better. So all this newly learned tips and tricks started to show on everything I make; I hate to see exposed raw seams and a sloppy work (even in my "not sewn" accesories). I do know that I'm not perfect but at least I try.

   So when I found out that I have crooked topstitching in my "new"car it is like I'm paying some kind of karma and I have to live with it everyday, in front of me.

   I say "new" because even when I just bought this car, it is a '94 Chevrolet Cavalier. So it is new to me but very old to the rest of the world. I must say that it was a bargain and I had to travel almost coast to coast in public transportation to find it but it was SO worth it. I <3 it.

More of the ugly topstitching:

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