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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Inspiration: Craft Rooms

   As I told you in my last post, I've been wanting to write a whole post dedicated to craft room inspiration. I previously commented that I now live in a very tiny apartment. When I moved here, I came from an apartment that I shared with some roommates. I had one room so all of my crafty supplies were stuck in a corner. When I packed all of my possessions to come to live with my partner I stuffed everything in plastic storage boxes and containers, and since the space here is so limited I never took the time to take everything out of the boxes.

   The table I work at is the table I bought for my first craft fair, a 6' long white plastic table. I use it to cut, sew, iron, crochet and everything crafty that I can come up with.

And recently I bought a 3 drawer cart like this one to tide up my corner:

   These things sleep with us at night as my little corner is in our bedroom, right in front of our bed. :(

   This is functional, clean and practical, but its not pretty at all and its not inspiring. As every crafter in the world I was hoping and dreaming to someday have a room of my own that I could use to be inspired and create. The answers to my prayers came when some family problems got fixed. We will be able to move into a very comfortable apartment with enough space for us and all of our stuff. The best part of it, is that I'll get a room for all of my crafts (I already bought the paint ^-^), so I started to search for pretty pictures of inspiring craft rooms and here are some of my favorite:

Open doors

Studio shelves

Fabric Stash - Freshly Organized!


  1. I love the first and fourth craft rooms. I btw also get a bit dependent on those plastic boxes. They are cheap and very useful but I agree, they are not beautiful.

  2. I'm excited to see how you put your new room together! Thanks for including my pic in your post. My mind is free now that I can find what I need. :)

  3. @ Diane: At least those plastic boxes are handy to stuff all the mess and make everything look like you are an organized person. ;)

    @ Skooks: It seems that I'll have to wait a little longer than I thought. Today I found out that there is no illumination in the room that I was intending to keep so I'll have to call an electrician to set up everything for a ceiling lamp. After that I can start to paint and set everything up. I'll keep you posted so stay tuned. ;)

  4. Thanks for including my pictures in your post. Glad they gave you some inspiration! -staarlight

  5. @ Amanda: You are very welcome. They were very inspiring, I LOVED the wall organizer.


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