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Friday, May 6, 2011

Work Chair Update

   My back is so happy that I had to tell you, I finally got myself a new work chair. The chair I was using was from a tattoo artist friend that was moving, so she sold me her chair for $20. Bad news is that that chair was already worn from use when I got it more than 1 year ago. As you can imagine it was already falling apart, the cushioning was showing in some areas and it was wobbly as a result of something that broke in the lower area. It was almost impossible to seat straight and that is showing in the intense pain I'm feeling in my back recently.

   I started searching in the local office supplies shops a few days ago but no luck, a decent chair wouldn't go any lower than $100 which I didn't have at the moment. The answer for me was in an online service for personal ads, I found a "new" chair for $40. I say "new" because it was used but like new, no scratches, no odor, nothing, just plain delicious cushioning and lumbar support for my back. Here is the before and after:


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