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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Other things I do

   When I started this blog I told you that the main things I liked to do are sewing and crochet. I've talked about my sewing experiences a bit now, so it is time to tell you about crochet.

   I started in January of 2010 when I purchased a "teach yourself to crochet" kit. I learned to make chains, then swatches and when I got to flowers I found out that people loved them so I focused on that area. I started to research A LOT about crocheting materials, different kinds of fibers etc. I noticed that I liked materials that gave a little bit of shine to the crocheted items. I found ribbon, and it was an eye opener, I loved how it looked. That's how I decided that I would make ribbon crocheted accessories from then on, and that's how Too Cute Design was born.

   The story doesn't end there, because being the hippie tree-hugger that I am I wanted to use my craft to reduce a little bit of the waste that we produce. SO I researched again, used some "plarn" and stumbled upon VHS in a site that I would like to remember so I could link to it. This was the result:

   That's the story of my crochet beginnings and  my brand. I also wanted to tell you that I know how to make things like scarves and throws but in this tropical island people don't use such things; it's too hot :-(

   I'll continue with this story later on. Stay tuned!


  1. Yadira... you made all those crocheted ring ? I'm so in love with them... I love collecting rings and this is the most beautiful ring (crocheted) I've ever seen (I'm honest)... I have to learn how to made this .... huhuhuhu ... (^ ^)

  2. @ Pichuey: I made all of them but these are not rings, these are headbands. I'm sorry if the pictures are confusing. Thank you very much. I'd love to share some secrets. ;)


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