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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Ditty Bags - Done


   I just finished the Ditty Bags that I'm gonna give to my mother and grandmother for Mother's Day (they're still hot from the iron). :) :) :) This is the large size.

   It was a lot of work for so little time :S. There were too many pieces to cut but I found a helper on time ;). I couldn't do it during the week and since I'm not gonna be able to see my mom tomorrow I had to make the presents today. I didn't sleep at all, and won't sleep until I come back from my mom's so you can imagine the dark circles, but here is the result. I  told you in advance what the fabric combination would be for both and here they are live.

I hope they like them and I hope I don't fall asleep while driving. :)


  1. I think both of them are really pretty!

  2. Hello Yadira! Thank you for following my blog. It made me happy. I love the white bag you made. I know your mother and grandmother would be happy about your hard worked presents. It's an art from heart! I hope you had a great time with them!

  3. Hi Diane! Thank you very much for following back. It made me happy too :D.

    We had a good time, even though I was sleepy. They loved their new little bags, they are the kind of person who always need where to put their stuff.


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